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Creating A Filling That Blends With Your Smile

When a tooth becomes decayed, treatment is crucial for not only avoiding worsening discomfort, but preventing tooth loss due to infections or abscesses too. Fortunately, your Richfield, MN, dentist can offer treatment with a lifelike tooth-colored dental filling. In today’s blog, we’re looking at how we create and place these restorations in only one sitting.

3 Things You Should Know About Dental Fillings

If you know that you need treatment for a cavity, you can anticipate that your dentist will place a dental filling on the tooth to protect it. This is not always the case – sometimes, a dental crown is needed to protect a tooth that requires more support than a filling is ready to give…. Read more »

How Concerned Should I Be About Enamel Wear And Tear?

When oral bacteria consume sugars found in the foods and drinks you enjoy, they can release acids capable of damaging your dental enamel. If that damage grows serious enough, a cavity can form, which results in the need for restorative dental work. Our Richfield, MN dentist’s office is prepared to help individuals who are affected… Read more »

A Severe Cavity Can Lead To Alarming Dental Discomfort

That problem with a tooth that seems to be worsening? It could be a sign that you have a serious cavity, one that could cause significant problems for your smile if it is not treated. A cavity can initially form without causing discomfort, so patients can fail to realize that something is wrong. Over time,… Read more »

My Dental Crown Feels Loose – What Should I Do?

When a dental crown is put in place, its purpose is simple, but important. Your restoration will protect your tooth from physical damage or infection while also providing support on its behalf when you bite and chew. To do this effectively, a crown should be both durable and carefully developed to fit comfortably. Unfortunately, a… Read more »

Recognizing Issues That Can Call For Emergency Dental Work

Are you really expected to wait patiently for a routine dental appointment if you have problems with pain, dental trauma, or signs of a possible infection? Sometimes, an issue can call for urgent attention in order to address discomfort, and also to prevent possible complications. At our Richfield, MN dentist’s office, we are taking appointments… Read more »

Will My Tooth Become Infected After Being Hurt?

Hurting your tooth can be upsetting, particularly when your enamel is cracked, chipped, or knocked loose. You can expect to feel pain right after trauma occurs, but is it normal for you to experience prolonged pain after an injury? Is your tooth’s condition going to worsen over the time if there is no restorative dental… Read more »