Month: April 2016

What To Do If You Have An Increased Cavity Risk

Different people face different cavity risks, and your individual cavity risk can actually change over time. Age, diet, and changes in your health can cause your chances of suffering tooth decay to vary. So what do you do if your cavity threat increases? There are several options available. Your dentist may recommend increasing the frequency… Read more »

3 Reasons To Seek Treatment For Teeth Grinding

Not everyone who grinds their teeth may realize that they are guilty of this habit. People who suffer from bruxism will frequently grind their teeth unconsciously. It can actually occur most often when they are asleep. If you have a tendency to wake up with soreness in your face and teeth, or if you are… Read more »

Choices You Can Make To Keep Your Teeth Healthy And Bright

You have control over the health and appearance of your teeth. Your everyday actions can influence the chances of your developing problems like tooth decay. Routine teeth cleaning is an important aspect of oral care, but you can do more. Have you thought about how your diet can affect your risk for a cavity? Do… Read more »

What Makes Children’s Dentistry Different?

Physiologically, children and adults have essentially the same teeth (though children start with primary teeth before their adult teeth arrive). However, what children need from their dentist can be different from the needs of adults. One major advantage of bringing your children to see the dentist at a young age is that your dentist can… Read more »