Month: September 2018

Quiz: Does Your Smile Need A Custom Dental Crown?

Dental treatment isn’t one-size-fits-all, we offer custom-made restorations to return your damaged or decayed teeth to full function and health. In today’s blog, we’re going to talk about how we create custom-made dental crowns for our Richfield, MN, patients and what situations may call for one.

Will My Fillings Look Natural?

When a patient develops a cavity, treatment is crucial to avoid the onset of infection or even the loss of your tooth. In order to fix the tooth, then we may place a dental filling. With our composite resin fillings, we can offer lifelike dental restorations for Richfield, MN, patients.

How Do We Stop Grinding Our Teeth?

When we grind out teeth, we increase the risk of serious oral health complications. In addition, we can drive our significant others insane and cost them good sleep. Fortunately, using preventive dentistry our team provides comfortable and minimally invasive solutions to bruxism for our Richfield, MN, patients.

What Makes Dental Cleanings So Vital For Oral Health?

A dental cleaning is a preventive procedure that helps patients in Richfield, MN, enjoy optimal oral health. But what makes such a routine procedure so important for your oral health? We’re going to answer a few common questions about having your teeth cleaned!