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Repairing Smiles With Bonding And Contouring

If you find yourself with a chipped or misshapen tooth, you may assume multiple visits or major restorations will be needed to improve your smile. However, with cosmetic dentistry we offer patients in Richfield, MN, an option to restore smiles in just one visit. Let’s look at the benefits of our cosmetic bonding and contouring… Read more »

FAQs About Smile Repair With Tooth Bonding

Did you know that we can improve the beauty and function of your smile, repairing damage and other cosmetic issues in just one visit? Let’s talk about tooth bonding and how we can help you obtain a smile you’ll be proud to show the world.

Taking Care Of That Bothersome Cosmetic Smile Flaw

The sight of a flawed tooth can be endlessly frustrating, as that single issue may be enough to seriously disrupt your appearance. If you want to do something about a problem tooth, you may feel that the necessary cosmetic dental treatment will be time-consuming, or complicated. Fortunately, you may be able to see results after… Read more »

Making Cosmetic Improvements To An Injured Tooth

Because a dental injury can be highly disruptive to your smile, and your appearance on the whole, you can be eager to fix the problem. That being said, you may be unsure of how that fix can be accomplished. Is cosmetic dental work capable of addressing your injured tooth? What should you expect from your… Read more »

Can A Bonding And Contouring Treatment Improve Your Smile?

Chips, cracks, and other flaws can create serious issues with your smile. It only takes one unsightly tooth to throw off the symmetry of your appearance. If you want to combat this problem, you can talk to your dentist about cosmetic dental work. When a problem tooth is not impaired functionally, it often falls to… Read more »

Can Cosmetic Work Effectively Address A Damaged Tooth?

If you have unsightly dental damage that is hurting your smile, you may be eager to find a way to address the matter. If your focus is on improving how you look, you may assume that cosmetic dental work will be the right answer for you. Will you be able to cover up damages like… Read more »

Eliminate That Pesky Smile Flaw With Bonding And Contouring

A healthy smile should be your priority, but cosmetic flaws are an understandable concern. Because a person’s smile can be one of their most recognizable features, issues with the shape, size, or color of a tooth can have a real impact on your overall appearance. Your dentist can make improvements to your tooth that help… Read more »