Month: February 2017

What Is Stress Doing To Your Oral Health?

How are you feeling lately? If you have been putting up with stress, you may have already noticed effects on your body. You might be struggling to sleep, you could be irritable – stress may even impact your physical health. While everyone has moments in their lives that feel stressful, extended periods can cause problems…. Read more »

Are You Ignoring Symptoms Of An Oral Health Problem?

Have you been shrugging off a persistent toothache? Are you trying to tune out chronic pain in your face or jaw? You may feel that whatever issue you are facing will pass, but you should know that you could be ignoring a potentially serious oral health issue. If your tooth hurts, and there is no… Read more »

A Better Smile Through Dental Bonding And Contouring

Your dentist wants you to enjoy a healthy smile. Of course, if you are looking for ways to make your smile more attractive, they can help with that, too! Dental bonding and contouring provides a means of addressing a range of different problems with teeth. You can enjoy improvements against discoloration, as well as against… Read more »

3 Things To Look Forward To From Your Next Dental Visit

Have you already made sure your next routine dental checkup is set and on your calendar? Patients are asked to go in for a regular visit every six months (though in some special cases, your dentist might recommend a different timeline). During each of these meetings with your dentist, they will offer a range of… Read more »