Month: April 2017

Why Support For A Tooth Is Needed After A Cavity

Cavity treatment requires you to remove decaying material from your tooth. Of course, this is not all that your dentist must do to effectively restore your oral health when you suffer tooth decay. A cavity’s damage is permanent, meaning without restorative dental work, your tooth will be missing important support. Your dentist will determine what… Read more »

Are You Exposing Your Teeth To Unnecessary Cavity Risks?

How careful are you to avoid cavities? Are you confident that you are brushing and flossing effectively? What kind of harm could your diet be doing to your smile? Without routine preventive dental checkups, it can be hard for patients to know what kind of cavity risk they really face. Of course, these visits are… Read more »

Having A Dental Bridge Put In Place

Having a dental bridge put in place means enjoying a life-like answer to tooth loss, and addressing oral health complications stemming from tooth loss. With a pair of dental crowns – one on each side of your pontic – the bridge is locked into its appropriate spot. The pontic, or pontics, will look like natural… Read more »

Recognizing The Value Of A Routine Dental Visit

Are you aware of why regular dental visits can be so crucial in your efforts to sustain good oral health? If you want to make sure to avoid problems like tooth decay, especially serious tooth decay, routine checkups are vital. The cleaning your teeth undergo during each of your appointments will protect you against harmful… Read more »