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How Do You Protect Little Smiles From Tooth Decay?

From poor oral hygiene to a diet high in sugary foods and drinks, a number of factors can lead to childhood cavities. For some, these cavities could mean eventual infections or even premature loss of baby teeth, a major cause of misalignment. How do you protect little smiles from tooth decay, and when should parents… Read more »

Preventing Childhood Cavities With Dental Sealants

A cavity in childhood not only means pain, but also the risk of premature tooth loss and the onset of serious complications, including misalignment. However, we offer families in Richfield, MN, an array of preventive treatment to help stop the onset of cavities, such as dental sealants. How do we place these unique sealants and… Read more »

How Do Dental Sealants Protect Children’s Smiles?

Without routine homecare and dental visits, your children could develop cavities. Tooth decay often leads to discomfort and a greater risk of infection and premature tooth loss. In order to help protect little smiles in Richfield, MN, we offer dental sealants.

Does My Child Need A Dental Sealant?

Children often have difficulty brushing and flossing as thoroughly as adults, as a result their risk of developing tooth decay is often higher. In order to safeguard little smiles in Richfield, MN, against cavities, we may recommend a dental sealant. How does a dental sealant protect against cavities?

We’re Helping Kids Get Ready for Back To School

That time of year has arrived! Parents across the country are helping their kids get ready for the new school year. However, before heading back we urge you and your family to stop in and see us. A back to school visit for families in Richfield, MN, can help make sure children start the year… Read more »

Can Children’s Dentistry Protect My Little One’s Smile?

We offer care for the entire family, including children of all ages. Kids need routine and general care, just like adults. Otherwise, minor issues can arise and eventually lead to the onset of major oral health problems. Fortunately, children’s dentistry can help protect your kids smile.

How Do You Prevent Decay In Your Child’s Smile?

Children can develop decay for a number of reasons, from the foods and drinks they consume to lack of brushing and flossing. However, there are steps you can take to help prevent decay from forming in little smiles.