Month: January 2018

Preventing Bruxism From Seriously Harming Your Teeth

Bruxism can lead to chronic jaw problems, sensitivity in your face and teeth, and potentially significant dental damage. Patients who grind their teeth while they sleep face real risks for ongoing discomfort, and the kind of issues that will require restorative dental work. Your dentist can identify the problem, and offer help in the form… Read more »

Making Cosmetic Improvements To An Injured Tooth

Because a dental injury can be highly disruptive to your smile, and your appearance on the whole, you can be eager to fix the problem. That being said, you may be unsure of how that fix can be accomplished. Is cosmetic dental work capable of addressing your injured tooth? What should you expect from your… Read more »

Your Dentist’s Tips for Better Dental Hygiene

A healthy smile doesn’t take much to stay healthy. Yet, if your hygiene routine is lacking, then you’re at a much greater risk of experiencing issues that require more extensive treatment. Visiting your dentist regularly for professional checkups and cleanings is vital to your good dental health, but so is effectively keeping your teeth clean… Read more »

Resolving To Improve Your Daily Oral Health Care

Making the right resolutions can help you spend the new year healthier, and happier. One thing you should think about when making resolutions is how you can improve your oral care. Even if you have been able to prevent dental problems like tooth decay for many years, improvements in your daily habits can be beneficial…. Read more »