Month: March 2017

Can A Filling Do Enough To Support My Tooth After A Cavity?

A cavity will do damage to a tooth that needs to be addressed by your dentist. The first step in cavity treatment is to remove the decayed area, and stop it from continuing to spread. After this occurs, your dentist is tasked with addressing the loss of material, as the damage is irreversible. Not every… Read more »

How A Dental Cleaning Eliminates Tartar

Tartar is one tough substance. When plaque forms, and is not removed in time, it hardens into tartar. While your daily oral care can help eliminate plaque from your teeth, tartar can persist through your brushing and flossing attempts. One reason routine dental checkups matter is because you undergo a professional cleaning, where tartar can… Read more »

What Bruxism And TMJ Problems Can Do To Your Smile

Without intervention, both bruxism and TMJ dysfunction can cause real trouble for your oral health, and affect your daily life. Bruxism refers to a habit of clenching your jaw, a habit that can be especially frequent while you sleep. TMJ dysfunction refers to problems with your jaw joints that can cause functional issues, and leave… Read more »

Will A Dental Crown Alter My Smile?

You need to be able to count on your dental restoration. Restorative dental work is important for making sure your tooth is fully protected after it is compromised. This can mean responding to the loss of material because of decay, but it can also involve protecting a damaged tooth after an accident. Many people who… Read more »

Quiz: Tailoring Dental Care To Your Child’s Needs

What distinguishes children’s dental care from the regular professional oral care you enjoy? One important service your dentist provides during your child’s visits is to educate them on the value of good oral health. Essentially, because children are still learning the how’s and why’s of oral hygiene, they can be more at risk for problems…. Read more »