Month: December 2016

How A Dental Crown Protects A Vulnerable Tooth

Some cavities do more damage to a tooth than a dental filling can realistically address. For serious tooth decay, your dentist can provide a dental crown. A dental crown can be made from many different material types – each type has relative benefits concerning their appearance, and their durability. A zirconia crown can actually provide… Read more »

Important Help To Recover From TMJ Problems

TMJ problems can be the cause of persistent discomfort that hurts your quality of life. You could be at the mercy of frequent headaches, suffer regular face and neck pains, and struggle to operate your jaw in a manner that feels normal, or comfortable. People are left enduring this uncomfortable condition due to a number… Read more »

Breaking These Habits Can Help Your Smile

How much care are you really providing for your teeth? Keep in mind that your oral health depends on more than just how often you brush. For starters, your daily oral care should include flossing. You should also remember that the type of diet you enjoy will influence how much potential damage you expose your… Read more »

Quiz: Addressing Dental Discoloration

One common problem that makes patients self-conscious about their smile is dental discoloration. You may think you are taking care of your teeth, but over the years, staining agents can gather, and your enamel can start to lose its whiteness. Diligent daily care can help keep stains from accumulating, but if you want to enjoy… Read more »