Month: July 2019

Restoring Your Smile With Full Dentures

We can lose our natural teeth for a number of reasons, from poor oral health to serious injury. But when we lose teeth, this complicates our ability to eat, speak, and maintain our facial structure. In order to address the issue and offer those in Richfield, MN, with missing teeth a whole smile again, we… Read more »

When To Consider A Partial Denture

Losing several of your natural teeth could mean your smile’s health and beauty suffers. However, to restore function and appearance to smiles with tooth loss, we may suggest a denture. In addition to complete dentures, we also offer our Richfield, MN, patients a partial prosthetic.

Offering Lifelike Solutions To Tooth Loss

When we lose our natural teeth, this leaves embarrassing gaps in our smile. In addition, the health of our smile suffers as well. In order to help people in Richfield, MN, enjoy whole and healthy smiles, we have natural looking dental prosthetics available. In today’s blog, we’re going to focus on one prosthetic in particular,… Read more »

Can You Create Natural Looking Crowns?

For many years, dental crowns were made only from metal. While they offered great strength and durability, they did not provide an esthetically-pleasing appearance. However, we can offer our Richfield, MN, patients repair using lifelike materials, such as ceramic. How do we create these natural looking crowns, and when do we prescribe them for our… Read more »