Month: July 2017

Receiving A Dental Crown For A Cavity

Not every patient who has a cavity should expect to receive a dental crown. If you are keeping up with regular dental visits, it is more likely that your dentist will identify a cavity in an earlier stage of development. For cavities that have had a limited impact on your tooth, a dental filling can… Read more »

When It Comes To Cavity Care, Timing Is Important

If your schedule is packed, and you feel you have no wiggle room for any new appointments, you may wonder if you truly need to keep that upcoming dentist’s appointment. What you need to understand is that when it comes to your smile, delaying treatment can spell trouble. Patients can come in for a routine… Read more »

Skipping Dental Checkups Can Be Risky For Your Oral Health

How much of a cavity risk are you currently creating for your teeth? When you fail to brush and floss effectively, you leave openings for tartar to form, and take the chance of suffering issues like decay and gum disease. However, you should also know that not attending dental checkups can put you at an… Read more »

Recognizing – And Treating – The Issues Causing You Jaw Pain

Every day can be just a little more difficult to manage when you have to contend with TMJ dysfunction. In addition to difficulty moving your jaw to eat and speak, there are additional pains to endure. TMJ problems can lead to chronic headaches, as well as pain in your face and neck. You might also… Read more »