Category: Replacing Lost Teeth

How Does A Dental Bridge Stay In Place?

Having a permanently secured restoration to address a gap in your smile can deliver great cosmetic improvements, and make mealtimes easier. Many patients who want to address tooth loss will rely on a dental bridge. Your bridge consists of your pontic, or your replacement tooth, and a pair of dental crowns. The crowns are placed… Read more »

Quiz: Using A Prosthetic To Make Your Smile Complete Again

Are you ready to close that bothersome gap in your smile? Losing a single tooth is enough to cause a real disruption to your oral health. It can make biting and chewing more difficult, and add increased wear and tear on your remaining teeth. Just one absent tooth is enough to create a risk for… Read more »

Take Action To Restore An Incomplete Smile

Living with an incomplete smile means putting up with difficulties with eating, and possibly speaking. It can also mean feeling self-conscious about how you look when you smile. Over time, there are other problems you may begin to deal with. Your risk for losing more teeth will go up if you leaving missing teeth without… Read more »

Dealing With Problems Caused By Tooth Loss? We Can Help!

Tooth loss can create many issues that can frustrate you on a daily basis. Some people find that they have to make uncomfortable adjustments to how they bite, chew, and speak. Some find that they are reluctant to smile, because a missing tooth makes them self-conscious. Dental bridges and dentures have helped many patients move… Read more »

Regain Your Smile With The Aid Of A Dental Prosthetic

Your smile can be a little harder to share when you are held back by discomfort over having experienced tooth loss. What you should know is that your dentist can offer prosthetic support for patients who have missing teeth. In fact, there are prosthetic treatments available for those who have a single lost tooth, and… Read more »

Having A Dental Bridge Put In Place

Having a dental bridge put in place means enjoying a life-like answer to tooth loss, and addressing oral health complications stemming from tooth loss. With a pair of dental crowns – one on each side of your pontic – the bridge is locked into its appropriate spot. The pontic, or pontics, will look like natural… Read more »

Will I Be Able To Receive A Dental Bridge?

A permanent dental prosthetic can be your relief from the frustration and embarrassment you can experience after losing teeth. Many people are reluctant to let others see that they have a gap in their smile. If nothing is done about the gap, your surrounding teeth are more likely to be lost as well. If you… Read more »