Month: December 2017

3 Signs Something Might Be Wrong With Your Dental Crown

You should be able to count on your dental crown to protect your smile for many years. A crown makes it possible to save a tooth after a serious dental problem. If you have a severe cavity, or suffer physical damage, this restoration can be vital to preserving your smile, and your dental function. Once… Read more »

Quiz: Using A Prosthetic To Make Your Smile Complete Again

Are you ready to close that bothersome gap in your smile? Losing a single tooth is enough to cause a real disruption to your oral health. It can make biting and chewing more difficult, and add increased wear and tear on your remaining teeth. Just one absent tooth is enough to create a risk for… Read more »

3 Reasons To Treat Tooth Pain Like A Serious Concern

If you developed a lingering toothache, one that persistently makes you uncomfortable, how would you respond? You may hope it goes away on its own, but you should understand that your discomfort could be the symptom of a real oral health concern. Ignoring an issue that requires restorative dental care can lead to unhappy consequences,… Read more »

Sparing Your Smile From The Effects Of Teeth Grinding

Some wear and tear will inevitably affect your teeth – after all, they are routinely dealing with biting and chewing forces. That being said, an excessive degree of wear and tear can lead to cosmetic problems, and leave teeth weakened. One cause of excess wear and tear is bruxism, or a habit of teeth grinding…. Read more »