Month: October 2016

Teeth Grinding And Other Habits That Can Hurt Your Teeth

What is the problem with grinding your teeth? When you do this frequently, you can exceed the standard wear and tear for teeth, and this can lead to problems with your oral health. Habitual teeth grinding, known as bruxism, can often occur during the night. You can wake up in pain because of how tightly… Read more »

Discreet Support For A Tooth With A Composite Resin Filling

It is fair to wonder what your tooth – and your smile – will look like after you have a cavity treated. Restorative dental care is focused on making sure you have a full set of healthy teeth, but the materials used can have cosmetic benefits. A filling that uses composite resin can offer impressive… Read more »

Notable Results From A Professional Whitening Treatment

Depending on your habits, and the level of care you put towards your teeth, your teeth can lose their whiteness over time. If you are conscientious about your oral health and appearance, you can limit the impact of stains to your appearance. However, if you enjoy tobacco products, or regularly consume dark beverages, like coffee,… Read more »

Why Professional Dental Cleanings Are Important

You cannot have healthy teeth if you do not put time and care towards cleaning them. This is why recommendations are in place for at-home care. You should brush your teeth twice each day, and those brushing sessions should see you make a concentrated effort to clean the entirety of your teeth. You should also… Read more »