Month: March 2018

When Do I Need A Tooth Filling?

We have a number of restorations to treat problems with a tooth, such as chips, fractures, or decay. Occasionally, we may recommend a dental filling to address a cavity. When do you need a filling and should you expect from the placement process?

Taking Care Of That Bothersome Cosmetic Smile Flaw

The sight of a flawed tooth can be endlessly frustrating, as that single issue may be enough to seriously disrupt your appearance. If you want to do something about a problem tooth, you may feel that the necessary cosmetic dental treatment will be time-consuming, or complicated. Fortunately, you may be able to see results after… Read more »

Regular Headaches May Be Related To Jaw Troubles

If your regular headaches are making it harder for you to enjoy your life, you should consider having an evaluation. What you might not realize is that the reason for your ongoing discomfort could be due to an issue with your jaw joints. TMJ dysfunction refers to problems that affect the jaw joints, or muscles… Read more »

How Does A Dental Bridge Stay In Place?

Having a permanently secured restoration to address a gap in your smile can deliver great cosmetic improvements, and make mealtimes easier. Many patients who want to address tooth loss will rely on a dental bridge. Your bridge consists of your pontic, or your replacement tooth, and a pair of dental crowns. The crowns are placed… Read more »

The Value Of Professional Preventive Dental Care

What is it that makes regular dental checkups so important to your oral health? Each appointment offers two important services – you enjoy a professional cleaning of your teeth, and you receive a careful examination, which can catch signs of trouble. When patients see their dentist regularly, they can have better odds of avoiding problems… Read more »