Category: Preventive Dentistry

Remove Hard-To-Reach Oral Bacteria By Flossing Each Day

To effectively protect yourself against threats like tooth decay and gum disease, you should have an oral health care routine that fully protects your smile. Unfortunately, people who generally feel confident about their habits at home may not realize how much your smile remains vulnerable to bacteria buildup. The reason some people fail to effectively… Read more »

Is Bad Breath A Sign Of Poor Dental Health?

If bad breath is a persistent issue for you, you may transition from being embarrassed frequently to having serious concerns about possible problems with your dental health. Someone who regularly feels uncomfortable with the odors emanating from their mouth may have an unresolved issue with gum disease. This issue can also stem from a poor… Read more »

Is It Time To Make Changes To Your Oral Care Routine?

Hopefully, your oral health care routine has kept you safe from problems like tooth decay and gum disease. If you have struggled with maintaining a healthy smile, it can be important to reconsider your approach to brushing and flossing, and examine the potential problems with your diet. Because factors like stress, your general health, and… Read more »

Managing Stress Can Help You Maintain A Healthy Smile

When you think about the factors that might affect your oral health, you would be right to think about your oral hygiene routine. It is also correct to consider your diet a factor when it comes to maintaining a healthy smile. What you might not realize is that your stress levels have the potential to… Read more »

Adults Need Dental Checkups, Too!

As your Richfield, MN, family dentistry practice, Cedar West recognizes the importance of preventive care for patients of all ages. While regular checkups are extremely important for the developing teeth of children, they are just as important for adults, and can be essential to catching any issues before they get worse.

Will Teeth Grinding Damage My Smile?

When we grind or clench our teeth on a near nightly basis, this could mean the presence of bruxism, a serious oral health issue that could cause major complications. In fact, this issue could potentially even damage your smile. In today’s blog, your Richfield, MN, dentist talks about how we diagnose and treat bruxism, often… Read more »

Treating TMJ Disorder With A Comfortable Appliance

Our jaw joints help control the movements we need to eat and speak. So, when we endure a significant amount of pressure, this could lead to serious complications, such as TMJ disorder or bruxism (teeth grinding). Fortunately, your Richfield, MN, dentist can treat these oral health issues without relying on surgery, but instead with a… Read more »