Month: September 2017

Can Cosmetic Work Effectively Address A Damaged Tooth?

If you have unsightly dental damage that is hurting your smile, you may be eager to find a way to address the matter. If your focus is on improving how you look, you may assume that cosmetic dental work will be the right answer for you. Will you be able to cover up damages like… Read more »

How Your Dentist Provides Lasting Restorative Care

When you see your dentist for restorative dental work, you should feel confident that the care you receive will offer lasting support. Unfortunately, our teeth do not heal from cavities, or from significant damage. When you receive a dental filling to support a tooth, or have a dental crown placed over a tooth, you should… Read more »

Dealing With Problems Caused By Tooth Loss? We Can Help!

Tooth loss can create many issues that can frustrate you on a daily basis. Some people find that they have to make uncomfortable adjustments to how they bite, chew, and speak. Some find that they are reluctant to smile, because a missing tooth makes them self-conscious. Dental bridges and dentures have helped many patients move… Read more »

How Teeth Grinding Can Affect Your Oral Health

If you have a habit of clenching your jaw at night, you may find your mornings are less pleasant because of pain in your teeth and jaw when you awaken. Unfortunately, the problems created by this issue, known as bruxism, go beyond discomfort. When you reflexively clench your jaw at night, you create tremendous pressure… Read more »