Month: September 2016

A Dental Crown Offers Dependable Protection For Your Tooth

When it comes to restorative dental needs, you can enjoy strong support from a dental crown. The degree of durability a crown offers will depend on the material you receive. While a porcelain crown is not as strong as other types, it will offer the best appearance. In fact, it even reflects light like a… Read more »

Different Factors Can Affect Your Cavity Risk

Think back to your last few dental visits. How well did your teeth hold up during the routine examination? You might have trouble recalling when you last had a cavity. You could also be one of those unlucky people who seems to have trouble avoiding them. There are several reasons why someone can be more… Read more »

Quiz: What You Can Gain From Cosmetic Dental Work

What can you gain from cosmetic dental work? Many people choose to undergo treatment gain a real confidence boost. A change to your smile can make a pronounced change to your overall appearance. If your teeth are worn or misshapen, or if they have dulled in color over time, they can make you feel self-conscious…. Read more »

How Soft Drinks Can Affect Your Oral Health

Have you ever stopped to wonder what behaviors are putting you at the most risk for cavities? Oral care matters, and routine dental checkups can play a big part in your well-being, but other choices, like what you eat and drink, can have a real impact. When oral bacteria consume substances like sugar, it can… Read more »