Category: Restorative Dentistry

Creating A Crown That Looks Natural

What if you have oral health issues or injuries too severe to be addressed with dental bonding or dental fillings? In these scenarios, your Richfield, MN, dentist will create a dental crown. Each one is custom-made, and often created with materials that ensure a lifelike appearance. In today’s blog, we’re going to find out how… Read more »

Will A Filling Stop Your Toothache?

A toothache could be caused by changes in elevation, allergy issues, or even a chill in the air. But pain that persists for more than a day may mean you have a cavity! To stop a cavity and bring relief to you smile, we may suggest a filling. In today’s blog, your Richfield, MN, dentist… Read more »

Enhancing Your Smile with a Tooth-Colored Filling

Nothing is more annoying than having a blemish or dental issue stand in the way of having a seamless smile. While some matters such as cavities caused by types of snacks or food may not necessarily be visible upon inspection, they can result in potentially detrimental circumstances that can tarnish your grin even further. In… Read more »

Restoring Smile Function With Dentures

What if you have a cases of tooth loss much too severe for the bridges we discussed last week? If so, then you may need a denture! In today’s blog, your Richfield, MN, dentist will explain how we create and maintain a set of dentures to address missing teeth, and helping you regain your ability… Read more »

Will My Bridge Look Natural?

When you suffer from minor tooth loss, you still have a gap in your smile that could cause major complications. Before you experience negative impacts on your quality of life and oral health, you should seek tooth replacement. In today’s blog, your Richfield, MN, dentist will explain how we treat tooth loss with a natural-looking… Read more »

Smile Protection With Custom Dental Crowns

Our last blog was all about how we use fillings to offer a lifelike solution to tooth decay. But what if your tooth needs more than a filling? To provide a greater level of protection and address more serious concerns, your Richfield, MN, dentist may suggest a dental crown! In today’s blog, we’re going to… Read more »

Will My Cavity Treatment Blend With My Smile?

Cavities form in smiles of all ages, and can be the source of a minor ache, or eventually the cause of a major infection. Which means when you experience symptoms like toothaches, you should see us for treatment. Don’t worry, your Richfield, MN, dentist has a treatment option that blends with your smile!