Category: Restorative Dentistry

How Does A Crown Repair Your Smile?

With restorative dentistry, we offer strong and lifelike restorations designed to improve the health and function of smiles in Richfield, MN. Many are designed to blend with your smile and protect you from serious complications. How does a crown repair a smile? What does placing and maintaining one involve?

Ready For A Filling That Blends With Your Smile?

When you develop a cavity, treatment is crucial for avoiding complications, such as pain or infection. In order to offer a natural looking solution to decay, we may suggest a composite resin dental filling. How does a filling blend with your smile and when should you schedule a visit with your Richfield, MN, dentist to… Read more »

Full Versus Partial Dentures

In our last blog post, we talked about addressing minor tooth loss using a custom-made dental bridge. But what if a Richfield, MN, resident suffers from multiple missing teeth? What if he or she has lost all teeth on one or both arches? In these scenarios, we may recommend a custom-made set of dentures to… Read more »

Let’s Replace Your Missing Tooth With a Bridge

Missing teeth could mean serious consequences for your smile’s health and appearance. Instead of feeling embarrassed about the gap in your smile and trying to hide it from the world, talk to us about tooth replacement options. With a custom-made dental bridge, we can replace missing teeth in Richfield, MN, with a lifelike dental prosthetic.

How Does A Custom Crown Restore Your Smile?

When your tooth sustains damage, or a serious oral health concerns arises, then you may need major repair. In order to transform the visible portion of a tooth, we may recommend a custom-made dental crown. What should our Richfield, MN, patients expect from our lifelike restorations?

Does Your Tooth Need A Filling?

Do you have an aching tooth? If so, then you may need to see your Richfield, MN, dentist. Persistent pain or sensitivity in a tooth could mean a cavity, one that requires treatment to prevent infection and other complications. Fortunately, we have a natural looking filling available to restore your tooth’s health and function.

Will My Dental Crown Look Natural?

If we find one of our Richfield, MN, patients require tooth repair, we may opt for a restoration. With crowns, we create a custom-made solution that helps improve the function and appearance of the tooth. Will the new crown look natural?