Month: January 2017

Quiz: What To Expect From A Dental Filling Placement

If your dentist finds a cavity during your routine dental checkup, they can typically solve the problem by removing it, and restoring your tooth with a dental filling. Fillings are used for smaller cavities – made from composite resin, your filling will look enough like your enamel to blend in with its surroundings. While patients commonly… Read more »

Planning Treatments For Multiple Dental Problems

How much work have you put into keeping your teeth in good condition? If you have been neglectful of at-home care, and forgoing your semiannual dental checkups, you could be dealing with multiple issues. That can mean suffering cavities on multiple teeth, suffering tooth decay and gum disease, or some other combination of issues. Your… Read more »

Will I Be Able To Receive A Dental Bridge?

A permanent dental prosthetic can be your relief from the frustration and embarrassment you can experience after losing teeth. Many people are reluctant to let others see that they have a gap in their smile. If nothing is done about the gap, your surrounding teeth are more likely to be lost as well. If you… Read more »

Issues You Can Face When You Fail To Practice Good Oral Care

How much are you currently doing to prevent dental problems? Not everyone has the same potential cavity risk, but every patient should put real thought into how they can maintain a healthy mouth. Failing to protect your smile from oral health threats can leave you needing restorative dental care. One problem is with tartar –… Read more »