Month: May 2019

What Causes Gum Disease?

According to the Centers for Disease Control, over half of adults aged 30 and older suffer from some stage of periodontal disease. Without treatment, this serious and widespread oral health concern could mean the loss of natural teeth! In order to prevent this disease, we’re going to talk about what our Richfield, MN, patients can… Read more »

How To Reduce Your Cavity Risk

Did you know that our daily habits, from what we eat to how we brush and floss, could impact our cavity risk? Without proper care, your teeth may be more likely to develop tooth decay, which may cause painful aches and even an increased infection risk. Fortunately, our Richfield, MN, patients can take steps to… Read more »

Does Your Smile Need A Complete Or Partial Denture?

For minor tooth loss, we often talk about dental bridges or perhaps even a single tooth dental implant. But what about cases in which a patient has lost several, if not all, of his or her teeth? In order to preserve facial structure and restore health and beauty to the smile, we may offer patients… Read more »

Replace Your Lost Tooth With A Dental Bridge

Losing one tooth, or several, could lead to poor oral health and issues with your smile’s appearance. In order to improve oral health in Richfield, MN, we often prescribe a dental prosthetic. With a dental bridge, we have a lifelike option for addressing tooth loss and returning smiles to optimal health and function.

Repairing Your Smile With Lifelike Crowns

While a variety of materials can be used to create a crown, we have a few options designed to match the rest of your smile, offering lifelike repair. When should a person in Richfield, MN, see us for repair? How do we create and place these lifelike restorations? Let’s talk about the benefits of dental… Read more »