Month: February 2016

Determining If A Cosmetic Treatment Is Right For You

If something about the appearance of your smile makes you self-conscious, you may have already thought about cosmetic dentistry. Several procedures exist that can modify the appearance of your teeth, and address problems you might have with how you look. Because there are different benefits to different procedures, selecting the right treatment can depend on… Read more »

Restoring Your Teeth After The Effects Of Bruxism

The effects of bruxism can linger on even after the problem has been addressed by your dentist. Bruxism, or excessive teeth clenching or grinding, can damage your teeth, and strain your jaw joints, known as your TMJs. The first step in treating bruxism is to protect your teeth from further harm. Once this has been… Read more »

Changes In Your Diet That Can Improve Your Oral Health

The decisions you make for your diet concern more than just your weight. The types of foods and drinks you consume can either increase, or decrease, your odds of having a cavity form on your teeth. Oral care is not limited to dental visits, or at-home care; other factors, like the amount of sugar you… Read more »

Why Dental Checkups Are Important To Your Oral Health

No matter how consistent and attentive you are when you brush and floss your teeth, if you forgo regular dental checkups, you miss out on important care for your teeth. You should think of your dentist as more than just someone who can help in a dental emergency. At a routine checkup, you receive the… Read more »