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Need A Valentine’s Day Smile Makeover?

When you are planning where to go and what to wear this Valentine’s Day, don’t forget about that important confidence-booster: your smile! At Cedar West Family Dentistry, we think you deserve to love your smile, and we encourage you to come to us if you don’t. Whether your concerns are with missing teeth, chips, or… Read more »

Dazzle This Holiday Season with Cosmetic Dentistry

Want to start this festive season with a more beautiful smile? If so, it’s not too late to call your cosmetic dentist. From professional whitening to teeth bonding and contouring, there are a number of fast and affordable ways a cosmetic dentist can help enhance the natural beauty of your smile. By hiding or correcting… Read more »

How Porcelain Veneers Improve Your Smile’s Appearance

They may not be a traditional form of treatment given their relatively recent development, but porcelain veneers are quickly becoming one of the more popular cosmetic dental options. Though they were originally designed as Hollywood accessories that helped actors and actresses cover unsightly teeth, veneers are now a go-to treatment for correcting a variety of… Read more »