How Porcelain Veneers Improve Your Smile’s Appearance

porcelain veneers to improve your smileThey may not be a traditional form of treatment given their relatively recent development, but porcelain veneers are quickly becoming one of the more popular cosmetic dental options. Though they were originally designed as Hollywood accessories that helped actors and actresses cover unsightly teeth, veneers are now a go-to treatment for correcting a variety of cosmetic dental issues. Besides their diversity, veneers can also be placed with minimal tooth preparation, making them one of the more minimally invasive options, as well.

Why People Choose Veneers

The unique way in which veneers are placed (they’re bonded to the front surfaces of your teeth) makes them versatile enough to tackle several different cosmetic dental concerns at once, including;

  • Stains/discoloration on your teeth that cannot be erased with teeth-whitening
  • Chipped and cracked edges that make your smile seem uneven
  • Slightly crooked or misshapen teeth that throw your smile off balance

Are There Alternative Cosmetic Options?

If you have several different complaints about your smile’s appearance, or if you have one or more teeth that seem beyond more conservative cosmetic treatment, then veneers may be the optimal choice. However, if your cosmetic blemishes are minor, or if you exhibit signs of tooth decay or other dental health issue, then we can recommend a more appropriate treatment to improve your smile.

For instance, cosmetic dental bonding is often a preferable alternative to veneers when only one tooth needs improvement, and teeth whitening can brighten your entire smile without having to permanently prepare your teeth first.