Skipping Dental Checkups Can Be Risky For Your Oral Health

How much of a cavity risk are you currently creating for your teeth? When you fail to brush and floss effectively, you leave openings for tartar to form, and take the chance of suffering issues like decay and gum disease. However, you should also know that not attending dental checkups can put you at an increased risk. These appointments are beneficial because you learn about the current condition of your smile, and you receive an important dental cleaning that can remove tartar. A typical patient should plan to come in for an appointment every six months. This makes it easier to keep you free of cavities, and creates chances for your dentist to catch small cavities, and treat them before they grow serious.

Treatment For A Cavity Caught Early Versus Treatment For An Advanced Cavity

A small cavity caught during a routine checkup and treated can need nothing more than a dental filling. However, if more time passes, and decay continues to spread, you may suffer too much harm for this to be effective. What will be needed instead is a dental crown, which will cover the entirety of your tooth above your gum line.

Your Dental Cleaning Makes It Easier For You To Stay Cavity-Free

What separates tartar from plaque? Essentially, tartar is hardened plaque, and that hardening means it will persist even when you are properly brushing and flossing. To have it removed, you will need to have a professional cleaning from your hygienist. If it is not removed, tartar has the potential to create cavities. Professional dental cleanings are also useful because your hygienist can reach areas that are hard for you to clean, and make sure they are properly tended to.

Schedule A Dental Checkup With Dr. Keller

A regular dental appointment with Dr. Keller at Cedar West Family Dentistry can protect your teeth, and help you avoid letting a cavity slip by unnoticed. Routine checkups make it easier for you to give your smile the care it deserves. To learn more, or to arrange an appointment with us, call our family dental office in Richfield, MN, today at (612) 861-7188.