Changes In Your Diet That Can Improve Your Oral Health

changes in your diet that can improve your oral healthThe decisions you make for your diet concern more than just your weight. The types of foods and drinks you consume can either increase, or decrease, your odds of having a cavity form on your teeth. Oral care is not limited to dental visits, or at-home care; other factors, like the amount of sugar you consume, can contribute. While sugar plays a big part in your dental health, it should not be your only concern. Foods that are sticky, or that are tough to bite, can lead to oral health troubles, too.

Choosing Water Over Flavored Drinks

Replacing soft drinks with water can give you a big boost in the fight to keep your teeth healthy. If your water contains fluoride (which is common in tap water sources) it can actually help preserve your enamel’s strength. Fluoride is commonly used to strengthen children’s teeth. Soft drinks and juices typically have high sugar, which can lead to cavity problems. Acidic beverages like soda can also soften your enamel, and leave your teeth at a disadvantage when resisting decay.

Watch Out For Foods That Are Sugary, Sticky, Or Tough To Bite

Foods that are sugary and sticky can spell trouble for your teeth. Not only will the sugar increase your cavity risk, but if that food becomes stuck in your teeth, it can cause a prolonged attack on your enamel, which further increases your chances of a cavity forming. If you are not careful, hard substances can cause a chip or crack in your tooth. If that crack is severe, it could leave the inner tissue of your tooth exposed, which could require a root canal.