Why Dental Checkups Are Important To Your Oral Health

why dental checkups are important to your oral healthNo matter how consistent and attentive you are when you brush and floss your teeth, if you forgo regular dental checkups, you miss out on important care for your teeth. You should think of your dentist as more than just someone who can help in a dental emergency. At a routine checkup, you receive the kind of teeth cleaning that you can not replicate at home, and a full inspection of your oral health. These appointments with your dentist can be vital to sustaining your dental health, and can enable you to have problems spotted and treated before they become severe.

Removing Tartar

When plaque is not removed from your teeth in time, it will harden until it becomes what is referred to as tartar. Tartar is a tough, stubborn form of plaque that can be difficult to remove from your teeth with at-home care. When tartar is left behind on your teeth, it can continue to cause problems for their health, and increase your likelihood of developing a cavity, which your dentist will need to address.

Early Detection

The preventive efforts by your dentist go beyond ensuring that your teeth are clean. Your dentist can watch for signs of teeth grinding, and check to make sure you have no issues with your TMJs (your jaw joints). If either condition is detected, you can work on a treatment plan before its effects worsen. A cavity that is newly formed might be hard for you to spot, but your dentist can identify an issue during a checkup. By catching a cavity early, you can have it treated with a filling, and avoid a root canal treatment.