Keeping Your Enamel Strength In Mind

Red BG Richfield MNHave you recently injured a tooth? If so, the speedy repair of your damage can make all the difference in the lasting sturdiness of your smile. The outside surface of your teeth is composed of a material known as enamel, which is the hardest surface in your body. While this is a naturally durable form of tissue, it is not impervious to harm, as injury or infection can cause lasting damage that puts your mouth at risk.

One of the available tools you have at your disposal is time, so if you have noticed a change in the strength of your enamel, schedule a time with a trusted provider at Cedar West Dental in Richfield, MN. When you catch your diagnoses early, you have more options available for your repair. For minor chips and cracks, we offer dental bonding and contouring to renew your enamel before the damage can reach deeper into your tooth. If you require a more extensive repair, talk with our team about how dental crowns can help you to chew with a reinvigorated sense of smile confidence!

When You Lose Enamel Support, Your Teeth Are At Risk

The external surface of your teeth are made up of an incredibly strong material, one that is more durable than any other form of tissue in the human body. While only present as a thin layer over your teeth, enamel is even stronger than your bone. In fact, this tissue is roughly as hardy as a comparable amount of steel.

When your enamel becomes damaged due to injury or decay, you lose the protection that this material provides. The underlying dentin is much more porous, allowing for bacteria to grow deep within your tooth. Addressing your concern before an infection sets in gives you the power to avoid serious future complications, as well as a nagging toothache.

Your Available Methods Of Dental Renewal

In the restoration of your broken or decayed tooth, there are differing forms of repair, depending on your particular needs. For smaller instances, speak with your dentist about whether a cosmetic solution is enough to keep you looking your best. Dental bonding is a process that uses composite resin to give you a fuller appearance for chipped and cracked teeth.

Another form of helpful restoration is a dental crown. This is a durable cap that stays permanently cemented to the top of your existing natural tooth. This option could be the right choice for your smile!

Protecting Your Mouth At Cedar West Family Dentistry

If you have recently injured one or more of your existing teeth, give us a call at Cedar West Family Dentistry in Richfield, MN, today at (612) 861-7188. Speedy repair can help you to avoid the harm of a future infection!