Oral Health Habits Start At An Early Age!

Family Donkey Richfield MNFinding the time to visit your dentist is important for your smile, as your cleanings and examinations help you to avoid the development of tooth decay and gum disease. But did you know that your child needs to stick to their schedule of routine dental checkups, as well? Even before their first tooth comes in, take the time to talk with an oral health professional that understands the importance of early prevention.

At Cedar West Family Dentistry in Richfield, MN, we want to help every member of your family to find lasting dental success, and this starts with a dedication to cleanings and examinations. If it has been a while since the last time that your little one was in the office, take this opportunity to give them the tools that they need to take care of their smile into adulthood. From their first tooth through to their wisdom teeth, we can help them to know the importance of dental hygiene and how to properly maintain their smile as they grow!

Help Your Child To Understand The Importance Of Dental Maintenance

If you are the parent of a young child, then you know how difficult it can be to keep your child on the right path in their oral health journey. They might not understand the advantages of their regular brushing and flossing, or they might struggle with grasping some of the techniques. When they need an extra hand in learning positive dental prevention, set aside some time to bring them into the office for a cleaning and examination.

Our team can be an outside source of information, which can help to reinforce the knowledge that you have given them. We all like to think that our children listen to us, but sometimes the guidance of a professional dentist can be helpful!

Give Them Positive Dental Habits With Consistent Checkups

Just like you, your child needs to see their dentist for a cleaning and examination at least twice each year. Some smiles need an additional level of support, so be sure to talk to your provider about your little one’s schedule, as they might benefit from more frequent visits.

By keeping to their timeline of oral health appointments, you can give your little one the tools they need to find smile success. As a parent of a young child, time management is always a struggle, but be sure to keep the emphasis on their dental prevention!

Schedule Your Child’s Next Dental Checkup With Cedar West Family Dentistry

Is your child struggling to grasp some of the techniques in brushing and flossing? When it’s time for your little one to speak with a dentist, schedule their next checkup at Cedar West Dental in Richfield, MN today at (612)861-7188.