Can You Create Natural Looking Crowns?

For many years, dental crowns were made only from metal. While they offered great strength and durability, they did not provide an esthetically-pleasing appearance. However, we can offer our Richfield, MN, patients repair using lifelike materials, such as ceramic. How do we create these natural looking crowns, and when do we prescribe them for our patients? What happens during the placement process?

When We Prescribe Dental Crowns

Since they cover the visible portion of your teeth, they can provide a number of benefits for your smile, both cosmetic and restorative. For example, we can use them to address severe tooth decay and infections. We also lengthen worn down teeth and repair cracks and chips. Placement often aids in tooth replacement, securing a dental bridge and completing a single tooth dental implant. Since we use natural looking options, we can also aid in correcting misshapen teeth or masking permanent discoloration.

Lifelike Options

We offer an all-porcelain option, which not only mimics the natural translucence of tooth enamel, but can be shaded to match the color of surrounding teeth. Porcelain is also stain resistant as well! We typically reserve these for the front facing teeth. But what about side and rear teeth, which must absorb serious bite forces and major pressure? For these, we may opt for a porcelain-fused-to-metal option, which combines the strength of metal with the lifelike appearance of porcelain. We also have zirconia, which is also strong and able to withstand major bite forces. With these materials, we can help you enjoy a smile that is bright and beautiful!

The Placement Process

In order to place them, we first need to make room for them. Our team removes outer tooth structure, making room for a restoration. We then take detailed impressions and measurements of the tooth and surrounding structures. We use the information and images we gather to create a custom-made crown. Once the crown is finished, you return for a second visit to we can check the fit and place the completed restoration.

Your new restorations can then last a long time, decades even, with proper care and attention. First, be sure you see us every six months, so we can monitor your smile and provide a cleaning, which removes the plaque buildup that would threaten a tooth. Next, be sure you brush and floss daily, which controls plaque buildup and helps safeguard smiles against tooth decay and gum disease. If you have any questions, then contact our team today.

Ready for Your New Restoration?

For patients in need of custom-made treatment, we have restorations crafted from natural looking materials. To learn more about our unique and lifelike restorations, schedule a consultation with Dr. Keller by calling Cedar West Family Dentistry in Richfield, MN, today at (612) 861-7188.