A Severe Cavity Can Lead To Alarming Dental Discomfort

Young woman has a toothacheThat problem with a tooth that seems to be worsening? It could be a sign that you have a serious cavity, one that could cause significant problems for your smile if it is not treated. A cavity can initially form without causing discomfort, so patients can fail to realize that something is wrong. Over time, decay can continue to do damage to your enamel, and eventually the problem can become serious enough to cause an infection in your pulp, the central chamber of the tooth. Our Richfield, MN dentist’s office can help resolve the problem by performing restorative dental work. Once this is done, you can receive a permanent restoration that keeps your tooth safe, and also allows you to bite and chew without difficulty. (more…)

My Dental Crown Feels Loose – What Should I Do?

When a dental crown is put in place, its purpose is simple, but important. Your restoration will protect your tooth from physical damage or infection while also providing support on its behalf when you bite and chew. To do this effectively, a crown should be both durable and carefully developed to fit comfortably. Unfortunately, a restoration may loosen, break, or even be completely lost in time. If this happens, you should schedule treatment as soon as possible to make sure your tooth is protected once again. Our Richfield, MN dentist’s office can provide you with a replacement restoration that can help you avoid new problems with a tooth that has already undergone treatment before. (more…)

Is Bad Breath A Sign Of Poor Dental Health?

If bad breath is a persistent issue for you, you may transition from being embarrassed frequently to having serious concerns about possible problems with your dental health. Someone who regularly feels uncomfortable with the odors emanating from their mouth may have an unresolved issue with gum disease. This issue can also stem from a poor approach to oral hygiene. At our Richfield, MN dentist’s office, a regular dental exam can lead to the discovery of problems that are caused by bad breath. You should be aware that in some cases, odors can be a warning about tooth decay that requires restorative dental work to address. (more…)

Recognizing Issues That Can Call For Emergency Dental Work

Are you really expected to wait patiently for a routine dental appointment if you have problems with pain, dental trauma, or signs of a possible infection? Sometimes, an issue can call for urgent attention in order to address discomfort, and also to prevent possible complications. At our Richfield, MN dentist’s office, we are taking appointments for people who have symptoms of a possible dental emergency. If you have reason to think that the health of your tooth is in real trouble, or if you have a tough time dealing with pain, prompt care can provide important relief. As part of your treatment, you can receive a custom dental restoration that keeps the tooth safe. (more…)

Is It Time To Make Changes To Your Oral Care Routine?

Hopefully, your oral health care routine has kept you safe from problems like tooth decay and gum disease. If you have struggled with maintaining a healthy smile, it can be important to reconsider your approach to brushing and flossing, and examine the potential problems with your diet. Because factors like stress, your general health, and taking certain medications may affect a person’s relative risk for cavities, some scrutiny of your routine can be a good idea if you have taken good care of your teeth and gums, too. At our Richfield, MN dentist’s office, we provide preventive dental care in the form of regular exams and teeth cleanings. We are also happy to talk with patients who want to make sure they have a better grasp on oral health care at home. (more…)

What Can I Do To Keep My Child Safe From Tooth Decay?

If you want to make sure your child grows up in good health, you should encourage them to develop habits that benefit their general well-being as well as their smile. You might be surprised at how proper oral health care can affect kids as they grow and develop. When cavities affect a young child’s primary teeth, they can cause problems for the adult teeth that have yet to arrive. Early troubles can also lead to problems with the development of their oral structures. Our Richfield, MN dentist’s office understands the importance of providing quality oral care to patients at every age. In addition to providing routine dental services to adults, we can help you take care of your child’s developing smile through pediatric dental exams. We can also offer tips that you can use to help them protect their teeth at home. (more…)

Will My Tooth Become Infected After Being Hurt?

Hurting your tooth can be upsetting, particularly when your enamel is cracked, chipped, or knocked loose. You can expect to feel pain right after trauma occurs, but is it normal for you to experience prolonged pain after an injury? Is your tooth’s condition going to worsen over the time if there is no restorative dental work performed? At our Richfield, MN dentist’s office, we are prepared to respond to problems with a hurt tooth. If nothing is done about a problem, you should be aware that your tooth’s condition may worsen because of more physical harm, or because of a potential infection. An infection occurs when bacteria manage to move past your enamel and into your pulp, which can lead to pain and even tooth loss! (more…)