How We Can Repair Your Smile

Richfield, MN dentist offers crowns, fillings, and other restorations

In our last blog, we discussed how preventive care can help maintain a healthy smile. While proper hygiene and regular dental checkups can reduce the chances of dental problems like decay, periodontal disease, and more, sometimes these problems can still occur. Whether you have a cavity, worn down tooth, or need to replace a missing one, Cedar West Family Dentistry can help you restore your smile.

Restrengthening A Tooth After Decay

Cavities are a common dental problem that patients face. Factors such as your age, diet, and genetics can affect the likelihood of the development of cavities. When you have a carie, it is important to treat this as soon as possible with a filling. Ignoring this problem will allow it to progress, which can lead to an abscess.

The material that we use for fillings will blend in naturally with your dentition. The damaged part of the tooth will be removed, the area will be cleaned, and then composite resin will be added. This prevents bacteria from spreading and has the added benefit of looking natural.

When You Need A Crown

Dental crowns serve many purposes. For patients who have chipped a tooth, a crown can be placed to repair the area and protect it from worsening. Conditions such as bruxism can wear down your enamel, making you more susceptible to damage such as this. If you chronically grind your teeth, you can talk to your dentist about receiving an oral appliance to protect against this problem.

Replacing Missing Teeth

Crowns can also be used to support a dental bridge. Your surrounding teeth are used to hold your bridge in place. However, if you do not have stable structures, a crown can be placed on your natural teeth before adding the bridge.

Even though the generation of older adults today on average has more of their teeth than previous generations, tooth loss still affects patients. This can be from injury, disease, and other health conditions. Having gaps in your smile affects more than your appearance. Missing permanent teeth can cause bone loss, changes to your alignment, and even problems with chewing.

Depending on your needs, a bridge or dentures can be used to replace the gaps in your smile. For patients with one or more teeth missing in a row, a bridge is a good option. However, if you are missing several in different areas, a denture is a better alternative. Partial dentures can allow you to keep the remaining natural dentition, or a complete set can replace an entire arch.

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