Oral Health During Flu Season

Sneeze Richfield MNUnderstandably, after a few years of pandemic response and personal health care, people are a little tired of the topic. You might also think that you must be healthy enough to handle the common cold or influenza if you survived COVID-19. But this winter, it seems as if our common winter viruses are in for a record year.

It is absolutely vital that you maintain your oral hygiene when you’re suffering through these yearly sicknesses. Winter is the prime time of year for the transmission of these illnesses, as well. Due to colder weather, we are often more confined to smaller areas. Shared food and embraces can both lead to the spread of these communicable diseases.

Today, your Richfield, MN dentist lets you know how even a few days off your feet can lead to lasting damage within your smile! Take the effort in keeping your mouth intact while the rest of you feels downright lousy! (more…)