Quiz: Addressing Dental Discoloration

quiz-addressing-dental-discolorationOne common problem that makes patients self-conscious about their smile is dental discoloration. You may think you are taking care of your teeth, but over the years, staining agents can gather, and your enamel can start to lose its whiteness. Diligent daily care can help keep stains from accumulating, but if you want to enjoy significant results in a short span of time, talk to your dentist about a professional whitening treatment. Your dentist, after confirming that a whitening procedure is the right answer to your cosmetic problems, can provide a kit that allows you to apply professional whitening agents to your teeth at home. You can have a major smile improvement within two weeks! If whitening is not the best way to whiten your teeth, another cosmetic dental procedure may be able to help. (more…)

Starting Dental Visits For Your Child

starting-dental-visits-for-your-childIf you want to ensure your child appreciates the need for good dental care, bringing them to the dentist at a young age is important. During these visits, which can start when a child is as young as three years old, your dentist can instill an understanding that oral health should be a priority. These visits also help by allowing your dentist to monitor their development. If problems arise, or it appears your child will need orthodontic help, your dentist can walk you through their needs. One way you can contribute to your child’s appreciation for good dental care is by modeling good behaviors. Taking a young child with you to an appointment can help them feel more comfortable at the dentist’s office, and help them see you are serious about the state of your smile. (more…)

Keeping On Top Of Dental Care During The Holidays

keeping-on-top-of-dental-care-during-the-holidaysThe holidays are a time for relaxation, and a chance to bond with friends and family. Of course, it can also be a time where we enjoy some terrific meals! As much as we may want to indulge in the array of delicious items placed before us at a gathering, poor diet choices still carry consequences. Your oral health, like your general health, can be affected by what you consume. If you take in an excess of sugary treats, you can put yourself at increased risk of suffering a cavity. It can be hard to turn down our favorite holiday treats, but you can still take actions that help you prevent dental problems. (more…)

Dental Bonding Helps You Show Off Your Best Smile

dental-bonding-helps-you-show-off-your-best-smileYou could be one flawed tooth away from your best smile. With a cosmetic dental treatment, you can have a range of problems skillfully addressed, and enjoy a real improvement to your appearance. One way to make a positive change is through a dental bonding treatment. People use dental bonding to cover up damages like chips and cracks, and discoloration, but this can also help with structural issues. If you have a tooth that is smaller than it should be, bonding can help make it look larger. This process involves applying composite resin, the material used to make dental fillings, to the surface of your tooth. (more…)

Delivering Serious Care With A Root Canal Treatment

delivering-serious-care-with-a-root-canal-treatmentA small dental problem can be fixed with a more conservative treatment. If your cavity is caught before it has had time to spread too drastically, your dentist can repair your tooth after removing the cavity with a dental filling. If you are in need of more serious care – if you have a major cavity, or are injured – you could require a root canal treatment. A root canal is undertaken to pursue a problem that has affected the interior of your tooth. Your dentist will remove damaged or infected tissue in your pulp, then seal the pulp, and restore your tooth with a dental crown. (more…)

Advanced Cosmetic Changes With Porcelain Veneers

advanced-cosmetic-changes-with-porcelain-veneersWith the aid of cosmetic dental work, you can make significant changes to how you look by correcting dental flaws. Porcelain veneers can transform your smile if you have multiple problems that need to be addressed. They can also help for people who want long-lasting cosmetic benefits from their work. To place a set of veneers, your dentist will first have to measure your teeth, and prepare them for the bonding process. At a follow-up appointment, your veneers will be permanently placed on your teeth. Veneers are a permanent addition to your teeth, and are constructed to be durable enough for the wear and tear your teeth experience. (more…)

Teeth Grinding And Other Habits That Can Hurt Your Teeth

teeth-grinding-and-other-habits-that-can-hurt-your-teethWhat is the problem with grinding your teeth? When you do this frequently, you can exceed the standard wear and tear for teeth, and this can lead to problems with your oral health. Habitual teeth grinding, known as bruxism, can often occur during the night. You can wake up in pain because of how tightly and frequently your jaw was clenched while you slept. People who grind their teeth may suffer damage that needs to be addressed with cosmetic dental work. The damage can even be significant enough to call for restorative dental work. (more…)