Why Some People Use Porcelain Veneers To Secure Whiter Teeth

why some people use porcelain veneers to secure whiter teethThe most obvious solution to the problem of dull, discolored teeth is a professional teeth whitening treatment. However, the obvious approach may not be the best approach, at least not for everyone. Some people will not see the results they want because their problems are due to intrinsic discoloration. For these patients, your dentist might recommend porcelain veneers. The veneers are applied directly to the front of your teeth, and can make it so your smile looks flawless whenever you show it off. Veneers are also popular because of how they can cover up dental damage, or misshapen teeth. Some people will even elect to receive them because they want longer-lasting results, which they can provide. (more…)

Smart Brushing And Flossing Habits Help You Fight Cavities

smart brushing and flossing habits help you fight cavitiesWhen it comes to your oral health, consistent good habits matter. If you slack off on cleaning your teeth, or do a poor job completely cleaning them, you could create an opening for a cavity to develop. If you want to prevent dental problems, keep up with good brushing and flossing habits. By brushing regularly, you can clear away food debris and bacteria, so that they cannot harm your teeth. Flossing helps by allowing you to clear away problematic substances in hard to reach areas between teeth. (more…)

Restoring Your Smile Through Dentures

restoring your smile through denturesWhat causes people to lose their teeth? Tooth loss, especially advanced or total tooth loss, can seriously compromise your appearance, and your ability to eat and speak. While you can lose a tooth because of an injury, or because of untreated tooth decay, the most common reason people lose teeth is because of issues that relate to advanced gum disease. If you need to restore serious tooth loss, you can speak with your dentist about having a set of dentures created. Your dentist can offer a set of full dentures, but in cases where only some teeth have been lost, partial dentures can also be produced, so that you can restore your smile. (more…)

The Link Between Teeth Grinding And Chronic Headaches

link between teeth grinding and chronic headachesHow often do you experience headaches? Are you growing accustomed to waking up with soreness in your face and jaw? These conditions may have more in common than you realize. Bruxism, a condition where a person routinely clenches their jaw, can dole out serious harm to your oral health. The pressure your upper and lower teeth place on each other can cause cosmetic damage, and if left unchecked it can do functional damage as well. Another consequence of bruxism is TMJ problems, a condition where poor alignment in your jaw causes a variety of discomfort. Chronic headaches can be a symptom of TMJ problems. (more…)

Quiz: Advanced Dental Work

quiz advanced dental workIt is important to put a stop to problems like tooth decay – in fact, taking initiative and stopping problems early can mean less involved treatment. There are several methods your dentist can use to restore a problem tooth, with the most conservative feasible approach being preferred in a given situation. Unfortunately, sometimes problems can demand more involved work. If you find yourself needing a more advanced restorative treatment, your dentist can talk to you about what to expect, and ensure that you have the best possible experience. (more…)

What Is Tartar?

what is tartarAvoiding the development of tartar is one reason maintaining good brushing and flossing habits is so important. If plaque is not removed from your teeth in time, it can harden into tartar, which will make it exceedingly difficult to remove. This stubborn material can attack your teeth for an extended period of time, which means you are facing greater odds of having a cavity form. How can you be sure you have not let tartar stick to your teeth? Go in for a routine checkup and cleaning with your dentist. One reason these visits matter so much to your oral health is that your hygienist has the necessary tools to effectively clean any tartar from your teeth. (more…)

What To Expect From Your Dental Crown’s Appearance

what to expect from your dental crown's appearanceYou may have many concerns when told you will need a dental crown for a problem tooth. What will placement be like? How will it look? How long will the crown last? Your dental crown is meant to last for a long duration, especially so if it is well cared for. Your dentist can check it during regular dental checkups to make sure there are no issues. It takes two visits to receive your permanent crown, one for measurements and preparation, and a second visit (once the crown is made) to have it fitted on your tooth. The question of appearance can vary, based on what material type is used. If the crown is wholly constructed with porcelain, it can be highly life-like. Other materials can also have a realistic appearance, though some may sacrifice some degree of realism for greater strength. (more…)