The Importance Of Taking Care Of Your Dental Crown

taking care of your dental crownA dental crown makes it possible to keep a tooth that has suffered an issue that challenges that tooth’s ability to function without help. Your crown can be constructed from one of several material types, with each form offering its own relative advantage regarding issues like durability and appearance. As durable and useful as they are, you should be sure to keep your crown in good shape. One thing you should remember is that your tooth underneath is still vulnerable to decay, and gum disease. The crown itself may not be susceptible to cavities, but brushing the area, and being careful not to damage it, can help it sustain its condition. (more…)

3 Tips To Help Keep Your Teeth White

3 tips to help keep your teeth whiteIf you want whiter teeth, you should inquire about a professional whitening treatment with your dentist. It only takes one office visit to make terrific changes to your smile’s color. You also have the option of performing the treatment from home. Professional whitening products use bleaching agents that affect stains at deeper layers of your enamel, for a more drastic improvement. So what happens after your treatment? If you are concerned enough about your appearance to undergo any cosmetic dental treatment, you should work to sustain your improvements. With proper care, you can make the most of your newly improved tooth color. (more…)

Putting A Stop To Chronic Jaw Pain With TMJ Treatment

putting a stop to chronic jaw pain with tmj treatmentChronic pain in your jaw is not something you should just learn to live with. Discomfort rooted in problems with your temporomandibular joints (known as TMJs) can be addressed effectively by your dentist. Relief may only be a matter of receiving a special mouth guard, which holds your jaw in a more comfortable position during sleep. There could be other issues that are leading to this discomfort. When you communicate with your dentist about oral discomfort, you can receive the care you need to find relief. Routine dental checkups are your chance to convey any concerns you may have about your teeth, gums, or jaw. (more…)

Dentures And Other Prosthetic Dental Options

dentures and other prosthetic dental optionsAre you aware of your options regarding prosthetic dentistry? Stable replacement teeth are available, and your smile can be restored after the loss of one tooth, or several teeth. When you wait to take action, those absences in your smile have time to cause problems for your oral health. The absence of a tooth makes it more likely for you to lose more teeth. The adjustments you have to make to work around a missing tooth can culminate in the form of painful TMJ problems. (more…)

Missing A Checkup Can Leave Dental Problems Unaddressed

missing a checkup can leave dental problems unaddressedUnless your dentist has advised you to operate on a different schedule, you should plan to undergo a routine dental checkup approximately every six months. These visits include a full review of your oral health, and a detailed cleaning that can remove material that is too stubborn to be removed via at-home care. One advantage of going in for a checkup every six months is that your dentist will have more opportunities to catch problems as they are still developing. When you delay treatment, you may create an opportunity for a small cavity to grow until it becomes painful. These advanced cavities demand more involved restorative treatments from your dentist. (more…)

Addressing Cosmetic Flaws On Your Teeth

addressing cosmetic flaws on your teethThe first concern your dentist has is for the health of your teeth. If there are existing problems, correcting them is the first priority. That being said, your dentist can also help you improve your appearance with the aid of cosmetic dental procedures. These treatments can cover up a variety of different problems that may hold back your smile. If you do not care for the color of your teeth, a professional whitening treatment can restore their color by leaving them several shades whiter. You can also receive help covering up different physical issues that are hindering your appearance. (more…)

Cavity Treatment Quiz

cavity treatment quizIf you have a tooth that needs restorative work done to stop a cavity, you should make an appointment with your dentist as soon as you possibly can. A cavity grows over time – while brushing and flossing can stop cavities from forming, professional intervention is needed to stop one that has developed. The longer you wait for a remedy, the larger it grows. Once the cavity has spread to your pulp, and infected the tooth’s living tissue, a root canal will be needed if you want to save your tooth from irreversible damage. (more…)