Discreet Support For A Tooth With A Composite Resin Filling

discreet-support-for-a-tooth-with-a-composite-resin-fillingIt is fair to wonder what your tooth – and your smile – will look like after you have a cavity treated. Restorative dental care is focused on making sure you have a full set of healthy teeth, but the materials used can have cosmetic benefits. A filling that uses composite resin can offer impressive support because the material bonds directly to your tooth. You will be happy to know that in addition to that superior bond, the material also has a lifelike appearance, so lifelike that the material can also be used for cosmetic dental work. It is worth noting that at a certain point, the severity of a cavity can demand a more advanced level of support than a filling offers. (more…)

Notable Results From A Professional Whitening Treatment

notable-results-from-a-professional-whitening-treatmentDepending on your habits, and the level of care you put towards your teeth, your teeth can lose their whiteness over time. If you are conscientious about your oral health and appearance, you can limit the impact of stains to your appearance. However, if you enjoy tobacco products, or regularly consume dark beverages, like coffee, you might have noticed a real change due to discoloration. If you are looking to reverse prominent discoloration, talk to your dentist about a professional whitening procedure. The materials used by your dentist can break apart stains below the surface of your enamel, to provide a whitening effect store-bought products can fail to match. (more…)

Why Professional Dental Cleanings Are Important

why-professional-dental-cleanings-are-importantYou cannot have healthy teeth if you do not put time and care towards cleaning them. This is why recommendations are in place for at-home care. You should brush your teeth twice each day, and those brushing sessions should see you make a concentrated effort to clean the entirety of your teeth. You should also be flossing, so that you can eliminate debris and bacteria between teeth. This offers more cavity protection, and also helps fight gum disease. While these measures matter, they do not replace the need for you to visit your dentist for routine checkups and cleanings. A professional cleaning offers a thorough, careful elimination of plaque, tartar, and food residue that might be found on your teeth. (more…)

A Dental Crown Offers Dependable Protection For Your Tooth

dental-crown-offers-dependable-protection-for-your-toothWhen it comes to restorative dental needs, you can enjoy strong support from a dental crown. The degree of durability a crown offers will depend on the material you receive. While a porcelain crown is not as strong as other types, it will offer the best appearance. In fact, it even reflects light like a natural tooth would. Zirconia and porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) have realistic qualities, but are more durable. If a tooth is in a hard-to-see area, and the tooth in question will face more pressure, metal could be the ideal material type. Crowns can be used to protect teeth after they have received a root canal treatment, as well as for damaged teeth. (more…)

Different Factors Can Affect Your Cavity Risk

different-factors-can-address-your-cavity-riskThink back to your last few dental visits. How well did your teeth hold up during the routine examination? You might have trouble recalling when you last had a cavity. You could also be one of those unlucky people who seems to have trouble avoiding them. There are several reasons why someone can be more or less likely to suffer tooth decay. Going in for routine dental checkups can help your teeth, and so can diligent at-home care (care that should include both brushing and flossing). There are other issues that can also play a part, like genetics, or your typical diet. If you have any concerns about your cavity risk, you can talk to your dentist for guidance on helpful changes you can make to lower that risk. (more…)

Quiz: What You Can Gain From Cosmetic Dental Work

quiz-what-you-can-gain-from-cosmetic-dental-workWhat can you gain from cosmetic dental work? Many people choose to undergo treatment gain a real confidence boost. A change to your smile can make a pronounced change to your overall appearance. If your teeth are worn or misshapen, or if they have dulled in color over time, they can make you feel self-conscious. These problems can also lead to you looking prematurely older. There are several types of work your dentist can do, and these procedures can target a range of physical problems. With a treatment like porcelain veneers, you can actually take care of several problems all at once. (more…)

How Soft Drinks Can Affect Your Oral Health

how-soft-drinks-can-affect-your-oral-healthHave you ever stopped to wonder what behaviors are putting you at the most risk for cavities? Oral care matters, and routine dental checkups can play a big part in your well-being, but other choices, like what you eat and drink, can have a real impact. When oral bacteria consume substances like sugar, it can lead to cavity-causing damage. When you consume more sugar, you face the risk of more damage. This is why soft drinks, with their high sugar content, can be such trouble for your teeth. When you drink more sodas, you put your teeth at more of a cavity risk. However, these drinks can also be trouble because of their acidity. (more…)