Treatments To Prevent Cavities In Your Child’s Smile

richfield children's cavitiesChildren can develop cavities just like adults do, causing discomfort and leading to infections or premature loss of baby teeth, which is a factor in dental misalignment. To prevent tooth decay and project smiles, your Richfield, MN, dentist could offer unique treatment options, such as fluoride treatments and dental sealants.

The Causes of Tooth Decay

In children and adults alike, teeth are coated in enamel, a very strong protective layer that safeguards the inner dentin and pulp from exposure to harmful bacteria. However, poor oral hygiene, including lack of proper brushing and flossing combined with diets high in sugar and starch, could weaken enamel. The resulting demineralization erodes the enamel and erodes the dentin, allowing cavities to form. Tooth decay spreads with time, and could eventually cause a dental infection. Injury to the teeth could be a factor too! Warning signs include tooth sensitivity and toothaches, so if your child experiences pain in a tooth, let us know right away.

Fluoride During Checkup Visits

When your little one is here for a checkup, we will watch for the signs of cavities. If we find one, then we can treat the issue in one visit with a lifelike filling. But in the same visit we could also apply a preventive treatment to help avoid cavities by strengthening the outer enamel. Fluoride occurs naturally and has been shown to make tooth enamel stronger, which is why so many communities add this to their drinking water. The mineral can be applied to the teeth in a varnish form, taking only a couple minutes for application, but helping kids enjoy strong teeth!

Dental Sealants

We could also help with dental sealants. For many kids, the dexterity necessary to properly reach the back teeth just isn’t there yet, so even if they brush and floss food particles could remain trapped in the rear teeth. Over time, this increases the risk of tooth decay! However, sealants are a layer of acrylic we place over these teeth. Food particles can no longer become trapped between these teeth, significantly lowering the risk of a cavity. The sealants can stay in place from 5 to 10 years on average, and we will wear away gradually with time. We can re-apply as needed too!

If you have any questions about how our treatments help prevent tooth decay, then contact our team today to learn more.

Does Your Child Need a Visit?

We would like to offer care to help strengthen the smile and avoid the onset of cavities. To find out more about our options to keep smiles healthy and strong, then please call Cedar West Family Dentistry at (612) 861-7188. You can also find us at 1537 E 66th Street, Suite #101 Richfield, MN 55423.