Preventing Childhood Cavities With Dental Sealants

A cavity in childhood not only means pain, but also the risk of premature tooth loss and the onset of serious complications, including misalignment. However, we offer families in Richfield, MN, an array of preventive treatment to help stop the onset of cavities, such as dental sealants. How do we place these unique sealants and when should a child receive them?

Warning Signs of Decay

When should your child see the dentist about a potential cavity? We recommend parents bring children in for routine checkups every six months, starting at around age three. These visits enable our team to monitor the smiles for signs of developing decay, often addressing the problem in the earliest possible stages. Otherwise, you may not know until your child begins to experience pain in the teeth, such as tooth sensitivity or a toothache. If your child reports pain in his or her tooth, schedule a visit right away.

Don’t Ignore Pain in Baby Teeth

Some parents assume that since baby teeth will fall out naturally, they don’t require treatment for cavities. However, for some kids the decayed tooth may not fall out naturally for months or even years. In that time, the cavity will grow worse, causing serious discomfort and eventually, an infection. In severe cases, the tooth may need to be removed. Premature tooth loss could increase the risk of dental misalignment and require orthodontic treatment to remedy later in life. If your child does have a cavity, we can treat the tooth with a simple dental filling, which will look natural and blend with the smile, while also preventing serious complications.

Dental Sealants

In order to help prevent a cavity, we may suggest a dental sealant. The sealant is a plastic coating we place over the rear molars. The sealant prevents food from becoming stuck between these teeth, which are often hard for children to reach when brushing and flossing. They then wear away naturally with time and can be reapplied in future checkup visits. We may also help strengthen outer enamel by applying a fluoride varnish which also reduces the risk of cavities. In addition to our preventive treatments, your child should brush and floss daily from home. We recommend watching them to make sure they clean their teeth properly. If you have any questions about treating cavities, or about our preventive treatment options, then contact our team today. Let’s work together to help your little one enjoy healthy smiles for years to come!

Let’s Stay Cavity-Free!

Our team wants to help our young patients stay free of tooth decay.  To learn more about our preventive dental treatments, schedule a consultation with Dr. Keller by calling Cedar West Family Dentistry in Richfield, MN, today at (612) 861-7188.