Enhancing Your Smile with a Tooth-Colored Filling

3d render of teeth with gold, amalgam and composite inlay dental filling over white background

Nothing is more annoying than having a blemish or dental issue stand in the way of having a seamless smile. While some matters such as cavities caused by types of snacks or food may not necessarily be visible upon inspection, they can result in potentially detrimental circumstances that can tarnish your grin even further. In the event this occurs, it is important you contact your Richfield, MN dentist at Cedar West Family Dentistry to learn how tooth-colored fillings can be utilized to restore your smile.

It Prevents Further Deterioration

When an oral structure develops a cavity, it is developing a hole caused by oral bacteria. The oral bacteria nests in the parts of our mouth that are difficult to reach with regular brushing, and they thrive on foods and drinks that are bad for our health such as sweets and other items. When bacteria come into contact with sugar, it secretes a harmful acid that begins attacking the healthy structure of your tooth. When allowed to progress, these bacteria forma a hole in the structure known as a cavity. Once a cavity forms, however, it can be addressed with a simple shade-matched dental filling. Once the hole is cleaned and filled, your chances of further infection are decreased and you have a much less likely chance of tooth loss than you would have by not addressing the problem.

Restoring Your Tooth in a Single Visit

The benefits of restoring an oral structure with a dental filling are threefold. First, the area will be thoroughly cleaned so as to remove any infection or bacteria still lurking in the affected area. Second, the missing portion will be filled with a dental composite that is shade-matched to the color of your grin. This not only provides a life-like and seamless appearance, but it functionally creates a secure barrier between the inside of a tooth and outside harm that comes its way. Finally, this procedure can be performed in a single office visit, making it an efficient and effective way to handle your dental issue. For more information, contact your Richfield dentist today.

Shade-Matched to Look Natural

In the past, dentists would utilize a metal composite to provide a filling that would protect teeth from outside harm. The only problem with this, however, is that it was very noticeable. While it functionally protected your smile, it also cosmetically blemished it. By utilizing a tooth-colored filling, the same level of protection can be achieved, all without tarnishing the natural appearance of your grin.

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