Snacking And Your Smile

display of snack foodsThink about what you ate yesterday or the day before. You might remember the big meals, but it’s easy to overlook the snacks. Yet snacking habits can have a profound affect on your smile. Little nibbles here and there, sugared drinks and sticky, chewy treats can harm teeth in unexpected ways. Our kind and supportive dentist in Richfield, MN, uses checkups and cleanings to keep a careful eye on your oral health, and smart snacking habits can help checkups go smoothly.

Nutritional Content Counts

Snacks that are high in calcium are always a good idea. Calcium and vitamin D are just two of the important minerals needed to keep enamel strong. Snacks that are low in sugar and starch are also more tooth friendly, since cavity-causing oral bacteria feeds on sugary foods.

Watch our for Hard Snacks, or Hidden Surprises

A chipped or fractured tooth can be a dental emergency, or at the very least an awkward point in your smile.  Hard candy, popcorn, nuts and other foods that might contain unexpected bits of shell, bone or seeds should be eaten with caution. Pay attention while you eat, and take smaller bites and chew gently if you are unsure.

Drinks are Snacks Too

What you drink can be as helpful or harmful for your smile as what you eat. Milk is a tooth-friendly drink, while sodas, many juices and sports drinks should be enjoyed in moderation. When snacking on wine, coffee and tea, keep in mind that these can all stain teeth over time. Teeth-whitening can remove stains, and many people choose this cosmetic service to brighten their smile.

Be Smile-Smart with your Snacks

You don’t need to cut out snacks, but let us help you smarten up your snacking habits. For more information to help with about preserving your smile, then please call Cedar West Family Dentistry at (612) 861-7188.