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Toothaches can be excruciating and make it difficult to complete daily tasks. Whether it’s a persistent ache or a sharp, throbbing sensation, a painful tooth can make even the simplest project unbearable. Thankfully, we offer multiple solutions to alleviate tooth pain. filling. In today’s blog, your dental experts at Cedar West Family Dentistry explore three ways to get you healthy again.

Understanding Tooth Pain

Tooth pain occurs when the nerve-rich dentin or pulp inside a tooth becomes irritated or exposed. This can happen due to various reasons, including tooth decay, enamel erosion, cracked teeth, or gum disease. When the pulp is affected, it sends signals to the brain, triggering pain sensations. The severity of tooth pain can range from mild discomfort to severe agony, depending on the root cause.

Dental Fillings

Fillings are an integral part of how we restore teeth back to health. They help to restore the tooth’s structure, functionality, and appearance while also offering relief from an achy tooth. We provide an aesthetically pleasing composite resin material that will blend in with the surrounding tooth structure. They are used to remove the decayed portion of the tooth and fill the resulting cavity, sealing off the affected area and preventing further pain and decay.


When a tooth is cracked or fractured, it can expose the nerves inside, causing immense pain. When a filling is too weak to offer protection, a crown saves the day. This will cover most or all the tooth and can act as a helmet, covering the damaged portion and shielding the nerves from any external stimuli. By preventing direct contact with hot or cold food and beverages, crowns alleviate the pain caused by tooth sensitivity. By reinforcing weakened or compromised tooth structure, these strong restorations help distribute the force of biting and chewing more evenly, reducing the strain on the nerves, and minimizing pain.

Deep Cleaning

If you are infected with gum disease, the pain you are feeling may be coming from the irritated tissues. If you have red, inflamed gums that bleed, come in for a periodontal evaluation so that we can evaluate your gum health. We will take measurements around the teeth to see how deep the gum pockets are. This will help us determine if a deep cleaning is needed or if a regular cleaning can get you back to health and comfort.

Preventing Further Complications

If left untreated, tooth pain can escalate into more severe dental issues, such as infections or abscesses. Our treatment options provide an effective and timely solution to stop the progression of tooth decay or damage, preventing these complications and offering relief from pain.

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Tooth pain can be a debilitating experience, affecting our overall well-being and quality of life. If you’re experiencing tooth pain, give us a call at Cedar West Dental in Richfield, MN today at (612)861-7188!