Why Drinking More Water Can Help You Avoid Cavities

Why would water be better for your smile than other beverages? One thing to remember is that flavored beverages often contain a worrying amount of sugar, which means they pose a cavity risk. Dark liquids like coffee and tea can be low in calories and sugar (depending on how you prepare them), but they can cause stains to form. That being said, water does more than just help you avoid troubling drinks. Staying hydrated will make it easier to prevent cavities from forming, and water with fluoride makes it easier for your enamel to avoid decay. When you keep your smile’s health in mind throughout the day, and enjoy care from your dentist during routine checkups, you can stay on top of your oral health needs.

Preventing Dry Mouth

Dry mouth leaves you with a dry, sticky, thirsty feeling in your mouth. The reason for this is that your body is not producing enough saliva. This does more than just make you uncomfortable – saliva helps you clean debris off of teeth, and can neutralize bacteria. Spending extended periods of time with dry mouth means going through extended periods of time with your natural cavity defense reduced.

How Fluoride Helps Your Smile Stay Strong

A water source that contains fluoride can be of serious benefit to your smile. This mineral keeps your enamel healthy by supporting regrowth. What this means is that damage caused by oral bacteria can be repaired in less time, before that harm can grow into a cavity.

Regular Dental Checkups And Your Smile

Drinking more water is good for your oral health, but there is more to dental care than that. Combining smart daily care with preventive dental appointments will make your goal of staying cavity-free more easily obtainable. If you have questions about your routine home care, you can always discuss these with your dentist during a checkup.

Dr. Keller Can Help You Avoid Cavities

Are you looking for ways to avoid cavities? One way people can improve their oral health is by drinking more water. If you have questions about cavity prevention, or are struggling to keep your teeth healthy, let Dr. Keller at Cedar West Family Dentistry know. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call our family dental office in Richfield, MN, today at (612) 861-7188.