What To Expect During Your Checkup

dentalcheckupmagnifyingChances are quite good that you have received a checkup during the course of your life. However, chances are also quite good that, though you have had your smile examined, you may not know much about what’s going on during the appointment. We prefer for our patients to feel informed about what’s happening during dental checkups. This is in part because knowledge typically helps patients feel confident and relaxed. In addition, because the more you know about preventive care, the easier it is to feel motivated to practice it on a consistent basis, which results in clean, healthy smiles. Learn more, so you know just what to expect.

A Thorough Examination

It’s important you understand that a dental checkup is quite detailed. We will not simply take a quick look inside of your mouth to make sure everything looks good. After visually scanning your teeth and gums, we will rely on the use of advanced dental technology for accurate details regarding the health of your oral structures. Checkup technology includes the following:

  • Intraoral Camera: This is a digital camera with a tiny lens that we can gently and comfortably place in your mouth. We will use it to take high-resolution images of your mouth, which improves our ability to show you what we’re seeing and to offer explanations.
  • Digital X-rays: Rather than using conventional X-rays, we rely on digital imaging. This process is comfortable, quick, emits a greatly reduced amount of radiation, and allows us to almost instantly view the images instead of waiting for film to process.

Time for Questions (and Answers)

Your dental checkup is a wonderful time to ask us questions. Whether you bring a list of questions with you about your oral health, concerns pop into your head during your visit, or you are curious about our technology and services, we are happy to offer answers.