Tooth Contouring: An Introduction

womanlaughingcloseupIf you feel unhappy with the appearance of your smile, chances are good that you have already spent time figuring out why. For individuals who have come to the conclusion that removing just a little bit of tissue would solve everything, we can help. A cosmetic dentistry treatment called tooth contouring can do just that: It will allow you to re-shape your teeth for the sculpted, beautiful smile you want to see when you look in the mirror. Become acquainted with the details and schedule a consultation with us, so you can quickly attain a more pleasing grin.

What Is Tooth Contouring?

Tooth contouring is a cosmetic treatment that will allow us to address minor tooth imperfections. You may want to think of this as a “subtractive” procedure because we will be removing an extremely small portion of your tooth’s outermost layer, called enamel. The treatment is comfortable and gentle, so you will be able to enjoy a relaxing experience. With the use of a polishing instrument, we will simply buff away your tooth tissue, targeting areas that need refining.

What Are The Benefits of Contouring?

Think about different aspects of your individual teeth that are detracting from the beauty or uniformity of your smile. These are the types of issues we can address with tooth contouring. You may expect the following benefits:

  • We can shorten a tooth that looks longer than the others in your smile
  • We may smooth textural concerns, such as pitting
  • We can soften a severe point
  • Contouring allows us to re-shape awkwardly shaped teeth
  • We may gently reduce a tooth that overlaps another to improve the appearance of your alignment