Stop Teeth Grinding With A Bruxism Appliance

When we grind our teeth and clench our jaws, this places enormous pressure on our smiles, leading to an increased risk of cracks, chips, and more. In order to protect smiles in Richfield, MN, we may prescribe a custom oral appliance. But how do we know if we suffer from teeth grinding, and when should we contact the dentist to discuss treatment?

The Dangers of Bruxism

When people suffer from bruxism, they put serious pressure on the teeth and the jaw joints. Symptoms may include headaches, jaw pain, aches in the neck or shoulders, and tooth sensitivity and toothaches. Causes vary, but the disorder has been linked to increased levels of stress, untreated TMJ disorder, injury to the jaw or face, tooth loss, bite imbalance, or misalignment. Without treatment, the disorder could wear down outer tooth structure, or even crack or chip the teeth. The damage then exposes the inner layers of tooth structure to harmful bacteria, leading to cavities and increased risks of dental infections. Don’t let your smile suffer, if you begin to experience these warning signs, please talk to your dentist.

Lifestyle Changes

To reduce your risk or lessen symptoms, try to avoid chewing on hard objects, such as ice, pens, or pencils. Avoid chewy foods, as the repeated actions needed to consume them could worsen the problem. If you can, make attempts to reduce stress in your daily life, and cut back on consumption of caffeinated products.

The Benefits of a Custom Appliance

Sometimes, treatment includes correcting misalignment with orthodontic options, or possibly creating and placing a lifelike dental restoration. However, the most common solution is to create a custom-made oral appliance. We begin by taking detailed impressions and measurements of your smile. We use the information we gather to design and fabricate a unique oral appliance, which looks and fits much like a mouthguard. The device is worn at night as the patient sleeps, repositioning the jaw and placing a barrier between the upper and lower teeth to prevent further damage. The device also eases strain on the jaw joints, addressing both teeth grinding and TMJ disorder. If suffer from the nightly teeth grinding, or experience the common daytime symptoms, then please contact our team today. We would love to help you enjoy a healthier smile, one free of this serious oral health issue. If you have any questions or concerns, then let us know or call to schedule a consultation.

Don’t Keep Suffering From Teeth Grinding

We want to prevent worn down or damaged teeth with a custom oral appliance. To find out more about our treatments for teeth grinding, schedule a consultation with Dr. Keller by calling Cedar West Family Dentistry in Richfield, MN, today at (612) 861-7188.