Starting Dental Visits For Your Child

starting-dental-visits-for-your-childIf you want to ensure your child appreciates the need for good dental care, bringing them to the dentist at a young age is important. During these visits, which can start when a child is as young as three years old, your dentist can instill an understanding that oral health should be a priority. These visits also help by allowing your dentist to monitor their development. If problems arise, or it appears your child will need orthodontic help, your dentist can walk you through their needs. One way you can contribute to your child’s appreciation for good dental care is by modeling good behaviors. Taking a young child with you to an appointment can help them feel more comfortable at the dentist’s office, and help them see you are serious about the state of your smile.

Fluoride And Dental Sealants For Your Child

Your children can need time to learn how to properly care for their teeth on their own. To help protect them against cavities, your dentist can offer fluoride treatments and dental sealants. The fluoride treatments your child receives will help them by supporting their enamel’s ability to recovery from damage. With dental sealants, your child will be protected by a thin acrylic, which will block debris from food, and oral bacteria, from gathering.

You Can Help Your Child By Showing Off Good Dental Habits

Making time for your own regular dental visits reinforces the value of these appointments to your child. They also help you protect your smile – routine checkups make it easier for you to avoid cavities, so your chances of needing restorative dental work will be lower.