Smart Brushing And Flossing Habits Help You Fight Cavities

smart brushing and flossing habits help you fight cavitiesWhen it comes to your oral health, consistent good habits matter. If you slack off on cleaning your teeth, or do a poor job completely cleaning them, you could create an opening for a cavity to develop. If you want to prevent dental problems, keep up with good brushing and flossing habits. By brushing regularly, you can clear away food debris and bacteria, so that they cannot harm your teeth. Flossing helps by allowing you to clear away problematic substances in hard to reach areas between teeth.

Make Sure You Are Brushing And Flossing Effectively

Brushing and flossing regularly can help you keep your teeth clean, but to reap the full benefit, you need to brush and floss effectively, too. You should brush at least twice daily, and make sure you spend at least two minutes on brushing your teeth. The American Dental Association advises people to replace their toothbrush every three or four months. Older, worn toothbrushes are not as effective at cleaning teeth. When you floss, be sure to use an up-and-down motion, to fully cover the space between your teeth.

Why You Should See Your Dentist Every Six Months

If you want to keep your chances of needing restorative dental work low, make sure you stay regular with your dental checkups. By seeing your dentist approximately every six months, you can benefit from expert cleanings, and regular surveys of your oral health. These appointments make it easier to go longer without problems. If some problem does arise between visits, you can have it caught early during a checkup, instead of waiting until discomfort compels you to see your dentist.