Protecting Your Smile With Dental Cleanings

toothcleanMaintaining a beautiful, healthy smile depends on your dedication to preventive care. Fortunately, daily brushing and flossing are simple to accomplish on your own. As for the professional dental services you need, seeing us for a dental cleaning and checkup is also an essential portion of effective prevention. Not sure why we suggest a visit to our practice for a cleaning twice a year if you’re already doing your best to practice consistent dental hygiene? No worries – by learning a bit more about the reasons behind cleanings and what to expect, you will quickly garner an appreciation that will make scheduling your visit feel much more worthwhile.

Why You Need A Cleaning

Even if you brush and floss your teeth every day just like we suggest, you will still need a dental cleaning. The reason you brush and floss (and visit us) is to remove plaque, a sticky, bacteria-filled substance that coats your teeth every day. Removing it helps prevent associated problems like cavities and gum disease. Unfortunately, you cannot get rid of all of this plaque (or tartar, the hardened form of plaque) on your own. The good news? Your cleaning will take care of the rest.

What Happens During A Cleaning?

During your dental cleaning, we will use gentle techniques to remove plaque and tartar from your tooth surfaces, as well as from beneath your gumline. After thoroughly removing plaque, we will polish your teeth, so they feel and look exceptionally clean. By combining this preventive dentistry treatment with daily home dental hygiene, you safeguard your smile, so you can avoid the need for restorative care.